Terms & Conditions

1. Orders once confirmed can not be cancelled.

2. Seven Days ( 7 days ) return policy. Shipping Charges are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

3. Delivery Address information is subject to your consent. The store will not be responsible for the loss of goods due to wrong entered address.

4. Flat delivery charges/ Shipping Rate are applicable in NationWide.

5. Goods that are sent via mail or courier/parcel will be charged accordingly to the courier's weight and distance rates Schedule. 

6. Our correspondent may contact you for final approval of order before shipping, so please provide a valid Phone Number.

7. Our correspondent may contact you for specific details of a product chosen in orders.(if any)

8. Products may vary in Company or Model but will carry the same quantity and quality as promised.

9. A single product can also be chosen from a pack of Product but will cost more per item. such type of order can only be placed via phone.

10. Company holds the power to change any above stated Term and Condition without any notification.